Monday, October 18, 2010

Doodle Here!

So, today it is doodles turn to chime in on the doodle moochie page...
Moochie & the Mayor have come to visit us in the FAIR land of Cary for a few days.  The Sheriff and I have welcomed them into our humble abode -- giving them the luxury of a blow up mattress in our living room floor (the only floor space we have that is big enough to host the fancy bed).
The most exciting thing about the visit is that we get to go to the NC state fair tomorrow!! How will we start our binge?  -- fried pecan pie, fried oreos, fried cheesy mash potatoes... -- For our main dish we will also be enjoying a savory (and GIANT) Turkey leg with some roasted corn (covered in salt and pepper and BUTTER). -- For dessert we will have some chocolate covered bacon, a caramel apple, some cotton candy, kettle corn, and maybe even a krispy kreme burger (wait? is that dessert or a meal?).

The second most exciting thing is that we get to go QUILT SHOP SHOPPING!! YAYYY!! I have no one around here who would be able to enjoy a day of fabric comparisons, pairing and criticism like the Moochie can! So glad she is here.  And whats even better? The Mayor will  be tagging along! He must truly love us!

Tonight, the Sheriff and I will be introducing Moochie and the Mayor to Venison steaks...  We think they are better than a filet of beef... but, I wouldn't be opposed to a prayer for our guests to enjoy them, too.

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