Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hunt, The Honeymoon, The Hospital....

You read correctly...Now let me explain.

'The Hunt' refers to the fact that we have sold our house. Praise the Lord! Selling our house in this market is a God thing, plain and simple. It is absolutely a miracle. Houses as big as ours and in our price range are just NOT moving in our area.

Even more that the Mayor of DoodleMoochieville stuck a sign in the yard and sold it realtors involved! That means more money for us and more money for the buyers (who need the extra $ because they have four children and a few horses)! Their four children and horses are cause enough to save a little dough, don't you think? So a big HOORAY for the Mayor!! So now the hunt is on for us to have a place to lay our heads in a month or two...still on the hunt...still praying for Gods wisdom. To be perfectly honest, we actually submitted an offer yesterday on a house that would be perfect for us; but the transaction is complicated and if this deal happens it will be another affirmation of God's hand in all of this....Always a plus...Thank you! But until we know, we hunt!

It was a really FUN wedding!

'The Honeymoon' refers to the fact that my baby just got married! MARRIED, I tell you!! MY BABY!!! And let me just tell you that we could NOT be any happier! We spent almost a week in our new daughter's hometown and were able to get to know her family as well as extended family better. What fun we had! Her family are from England and Australia. The whole family was warm and inviting. We ate, drank, laughed, joked, told stories, listened to new stories. Nobody got stressed out. Nobody was angry. What can I say? It was another God thing. The wedding was beautiful, the reception a celebration party...and then off on the honeymoon! Now they are home for a very short time before they move to Arizona...ARIZONA!!

I will cherish this last time I have with them...I may not see them again for a few months....sniff sniff sniff...

And finally 'The Hospital'...

Ugh...The grandparents in DoodleMoochieville are aging; in fact, they are aging together! They were all born in the same year and they are all rapidly changing. They are all 82 and turning 83 this year. Quite frankly, it is like taking care of elderly triplets all going through the same health issues, mental issues, and personality changes. It is quite exhausting. The Mayor and I are the primary caregivers for the triplets. True, two of them still live alone and one with her daughter; but we are called upon to do the Doctors appointments, therapy appointments, schedule sitters and in-home services, drop off/ pick up medication and distribute medication. Reporting these processes to all of our siblings and repeating the processes a thousand times to the triplets when they get confused. I'm telling you it is exhausting! The mayor just wants to surrender and get a bed like the one in the old version of Willy Wonka and put all the grandparents in one bed, in one spot. Ummm... NO! Because he would get to go to work and I would end up being the warden of the bed... No thank you! Since the wedding we have had two out of the three triplets in the hospital and we are now officially pooped! Happy, satisfied, lacking for nothing at all...but we are POOPED!

One of the triplets with her grandchildren at the rehearsal dinner

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  1. Wow, you have had too many of life's
    'stressors' in a short period! Great to get to know you and hope to see you again! Jan C (KY)