Wednesday, April 24, 2013


In my last blog I mentioned that I was getting a barrage of extremely large quilt tops to quilt.  And I promised to show you the one currently on my machine.  Well, here it is.


This quilt really was a Gentle Giant.  Do you see all of those pieces in every block?  Well, that could spell disaster.  But this quilt was as close to perfectly pieced as I have ever seen.  And it was pressed perfectly, as well.  Every seam was pressed down nice and flat.  The borders were flat as a fritter too!...  And guess what????  The backing was a tie-died flannel, aanNnDDddd (drum roll, please) was a wide backing so there were no seams to consider when loading it.  Even better than the fact that it was a wide back was that it was a SQUARED back.  I didn't have to even consider picking up my rotary cutter and ruler (sigh)..  If only all jobs were this pleasant!
Thanks to Shawnee for being so conscientious about her quilt construction.  It was a dream to quilt this really large top.  And that is why I have deemed it the 'Gentle Giant'.

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