Thursday, February 12, 2015

Log Cabin Beads

I have been working on one of the prettiest quilts that I have seen in a very long time.  It has about a quarter million pieces to it.  If I wasn't  so lazy busy I would actually do the math for you....  Wait that is a good idea!  I'll do the math (I need to be at my machine, but I did tell you that I am serving the current term as Mayor of Procrastination, didn't I?).  Hold on.  Wait.... I'll be right back.  In the meantime hum to yourself and enjoy these photos...
This is the one my friend Ginger M. made (and I quilted).  I tried to quilt it
like the one in the magazine because theirs is SO pretty.

Spring/Summer edition of Quilt Sampler Magazine 2014

Even my trash can was happy on cutting out day...

Okay...Whew!  I'm back.  Turns out there are only 1,560 pieces in this quilt.  It just felt like I was cutting for a whole day (which I was) and piecing for a week (which I did).  If you can lay your hands on a copy of this magazine YOU. MUST.  This is a well written pattern by the Kathy Hamada over at Stash Walla Walla   I saw it in the magazine (BEE YOU TEE FULL) quilted by the ever talented Teresa Silva.  Then a friend of mine made this pattern in slightly different colors and it is also BEE YOU TEE FULL.  I am not a 'purple person' (all purple people please pardon me) so I have substituted the red in its place.  I am now so very anxious to finish mine!

Right now though I should get back to the studio.  On the frame today is a Judy Niemeyer 'Raindrops' and up after that is a 'Civil War Love Letters'.... and in between the two A TRIP TO QUILTCON!!
Yeppers, you heard right.  This gal is headed to Austin, Texas!  I will send pictures.  Until next time... Let the Fabric Fly!

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