Monday, March 7, 2011

Not A Fan!

Let me begin this blog entry by shouting.... I AM NOT A FAN!!!  There are many different opinions in the quaint village of DoodleMoochieville...a couple of Auburn fans, a Samford fan, a soon to be Arizona fan and even a Tennessee fan.  But there is no place in DoodleMoochieville for an Alabama fan.  There I said it.  But I have a friend who has visited DoodleMoochieville (whether she knows it or not) and she and her family are like many others in the great big world outside the village...they are...Alabama fans...and I can say,  in their defense that they are die hard.  Win or Lose, they love all things that come out of, are associated with, or have even just flown over the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

So tonight I post pictures of a quilt that was designed and pieced by one of my favorite clients, Pam D.  She has done an outstanding job on this quilt, I have custom quilted it for her and she is giving it to her son.  Her SON!  To drag off to college and do who knows what with it...She must really love that son.  I have gently suggested to her that she keep this quilt and hang it in her house as a testament to the family's love of all things Alabama...And after she saw how beautiful it was, I think she was actually considering it..  I mean, a BOY, leaving home for the FIRST time, to live in a STINKY boy dorm???  Seriously?  Make him a rag quilt.  Leave this to him in your will.

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  1. I agree... Leave it to him in the will or give it to him when the first grand baby is born. Nice quilting mamacita!