Sunday, April 10, 2011

BORED...? Or a change of pace?

This is my latest project. It is an apple cozy. Was I bored? No. Procrastinating? Maybe...Well, most likely.
Apple cozies for everyone!
I am not associated with this website... just thought it was cute!
 An apple cozy is a very legitimate thing. It keeps your apple from getting those nasty bruises when it is tossed about in your lunch bag. And I thought it was extremely clever... so I made one. Okay, so I made three. Now I just have to find someone to give them to who doesn't think that the cozies are silly. Someone who won't be embarrassed to pull one out of their bag. I think it may be the perfect gift for the 'person who has everything'.

So, watch out! This may be the year that everyone on my list gets an apple cozy. Let's see now... I can make them in favorite colors, school colors, colors to match lunch boxes, I can bedazzle them and add a flower... the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Time to quilt...


  1. I enjoy the apple cozy, because I do not enjoy a bruised apple! Hope you are well!

  2. Apple cozy blog!! YAYYYY!!! (PS. I like the orange and green one... hint. hint.)

  3. Apple? You should call it an iCozy and everybody will want one. ;-)

  4. Apple cozies are totally legit and very useful items :)