Monday, October 29, 2012

Today it is cold here in Alabama..and windy.  My thoughts are with those in the path of big, bad ol' Hurricane Sandy.  The weather outlook here could not be better.  Sunny and cool during the day, and dark and cold at night.  Perfect for Halloween night.  Fire in the fireplace, home cooked meal, a bowl full of candy.  A porch full of goblins and ghouls. The smell of charred pumpkin.  Dogs going crazy every time the door bell rings.  I will stay cozy under this...It was a free pattern on the  site a few years back.  The spider was my own addition.  He is fun and a little bit CrAzy!  I am in a Halloween contest over at the Warm Company and you can hop on over here:
and 'like' to vote for my quilt!
CrAZy SpiDer...
I am feeling rather melancholy today.  Quilting in the DoodleMoochie studio and listening to some soothing Celtic music.  Maybe that is it?  The music.  Yes!  I will change my music and maybe that will change my mood.  Yep, that is EXACTLY what I am going to do, change my music!  

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