Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 7 of the Great Pickle Procedure!

So today is day 7 of the Great Pickle Procedure..and let me tell you I have had my share of scum skimming and mold removal...EeeWEeeee.  But it did not smell bad at all..go figure.  When the mayor of DoodleMoochie Land came home today he flexed his muscles and showed them pickles what-for.  Yessireee, the Mayor hefted that 5 gallon crock filled with hacked up cucumbers and salt water effortlessly to the sink.  He dumped them in without spilling or splashing a drop.  It was kind of like a pickle ballet.  Then I gave them a shower of tepid water, ever so gently rinsing away the saltwater bath and refreshing them with some clean, clear water.  I tenderly lifted the cukes by loving handfuls and laid them ever so gingerly into the once again clean crock.  You could almost hear their sigh of relief.  You know girls, like when you get a perm and the stylist finally tells you 'it's time' and they put your itchy, tight head of hair under that cool stream of everlasting loveliness we call..water. And then....HaHAhaaa..I covered the little suckers with BOILING water!..Again..don't judge me..It is what the recipe called for.  I had to leave the room.  Cucumber screams are just more than I can bear.
I found refuge in the quilt studio.  Today was DOPU day at DoodleMoochie Inc.  You know ..drop off, pick up day...Silly you, you didn't guess what DOPU stood for, did you?  I had two quilts picked up and six quilts dropped off.  A pretty good balance!  I am currently working on the binding for Candy's quilt.  It is almost finished, Praise the Lord!  That quilt has been a thorn in my side.  The mayor of DoodleMoochie Land just made the comment..'Do you ever have a quilt that is smaller than a football field?'..Well, I did three wall hangings yesterday and am about to load a baby quilt.  Then you guessed it, back to quilts for elephants. I personally believe that any quilt worth having is a quilt that will cover your toes and tuck under your chin.  Apparently a lot of people think bigger than me.  O.k...I should get back to the studio..and back to work (if you can call it that)..because I LOVE it!


  1. A quilt isn't worth it unless it goes from toes to nose, I say. ;o) I can't believe Dad didn't spill a DROP! Maybe there is hope for me after all. Love it!

  2. I visit your blog way toooo often. i just love it! Its just soooo you!