Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pickle Update

So today is day 2 of the 14 day Great Pickle Process.  The hacked up cucumbers sit in the crock drowning in a sea of salt water...'You know, Levi is going to drink out of that' says Angel Baby...'Not after the first lap' says my Mom.  (You see the water is 3 cups of salt to 2 gallons of water.)  'The only person that would drink out of that is Nan' (my Mom) says the mayor of DoodleMoochie Land.  My mom loves salt SOOO much that we are thinking of having her headstone carved from a salt block when the time comes.  I taped the recipe for these particular pickles on the wall behind the crock and dated it with notes about the day and approximate time that the Great Pickle Process began..otherwise, as my mother so tenderly reminded me, I would forget and the Process would turn into A Great Disappointment.  I can just see the poked out lip, the quivering chin, the single tear rolling down the cheek, when one of my children went to the pantry only to return from pickle retrieval duty empty-handed.  Now I can't have that kind of grieving going on in this house...NO!  So dutifully I taped the recipe behind the and sound.  Maybe I should take it down and make a copy of it...  Maybe I should put it in the recipe notebook.  Hey!  Maybe I could snail mail it to myself..would the post office keep me from A Great Disappointment??  Now wait..what did I say I was going to do with that recipe??  Have you seen my cell phone?  Have you seen my car keys??  ArrGGhhhhh!

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  1. love it! love the orange & green decor!
    Going to be creating more once i hit part time again in Sept -- so I'll be able to contribute.