Friday, August 13, 2010

Maiden Blog

Thanks for visiting the 'maiden voyage' of Quilt with DoodleMoochie! We are so glad you decided to join us. I was inspired to start this blog after meeting Pat Wyse of Silver Thimble Quilt Company at our local guild meeting, discovering the Free Motion Quilting blog, CraftFail, and of course watching the movie Julie and Julia. I am inspired by ALL of these ladies!

Currently, I am working on a quilt for a customer...we'll call her Candy. Well, that is her name.  It is a rather large quilt (92 X 99) and a custom job. I am procrastinating as I type this entry.  It is stormy outside and NOT a good thing to have my longarm plugged in with all the lightning... and I have worked some on it today! The top border is done and I have chosen all the patterns that I will use. This is my son's last weekend home before he goes back to college and I NEED to spend time with him, right? OK, that's it!  No more quilting until tomorrow! Well at least until later tonight, maybe.

My mom came over today and we hacked up about half a bushel of cucumbers to make some sweet pickles. This is my first attempt at pickles. I sure am glad mom is still around to give me the confidence to try! They soak in salt water for 7 days! The directions say to daily 'skim off' any mold that accumulates on top of the water.  I'm not sure if I can actually EAT anything I have skimmed mold off of for 7 days straight. Maybe by the 14th day I will have forgotten the grossness (kind of like you 'forget' the pain of childbirth...bahahaha!) and be able to enjoy the little suckers!  I do love me a good pickle and some chips with a slice of pepperoni pizza...don't judge me.

I am also working on a mystery quilt challenge from our local quilt guild.  I tried to keep up with Shannon, but to no avail. When she makes up her mind, that girl can sew faster than anyone I know! So I decided to try to keep up with Carolyn. I think she and I are at the same point now.  I hope she doesn't get ahead of me because I am running out of people who are as slow as me (or slower) to try to pace myself by.

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