Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, well, well.  Here we are on day 10 of the Great Pickle Process!!  And just exactly what does that mean?  To be specific, it means one heaping teaspoon of whole cloves, 4 sticks of cinnamon, 10 cups of sugar and 20 cups of vinegar.  The mayor of DoodleMoochie Land hefted the cuke filled crock to the sink and we gave them their last wash of fresh water.  It's good-bye, cruel world for these babies.  They are now floating in a wonderland of a spicy, sugary sweet heaven.  It smells so good in my house.  I know, I know.  Not many people would find the smell of vinegar pleasant.  But I do.  And apparently so does my oldest son, Mahoney.  He says it smells just like Aunt Cleo pickles..and they were the best EVER!  The vinegar smell makes me think of the time when my Aunt Cleo was still with us.  She and my mom would hack up the cucumbers, laughing and reminiscing all the while.  The smell of vinegar also reminds me of Easter egg dyeing time, long ago and far away.  Before the time of fizzing color tabs and droppers of oily paint that float on water.  I miss Aunt Cleo, but I sure am glad my mom is still here to share.  She is coming over in a few days when it is time to divide the cukes into their own little cuke condos (also known as Mason jars).  I am unsure of this process and still don't have good technique, so she will be here to drop some nuggets of wisdom and cheer me on.  I am excited about the whole thing. Mahoney and I couldn't wait and we snuck a slice while working with the pickle syrup tonight...and we were so pleased that we delivered one to the Mayor.  All in agreement.  So far the Great Pickle Process is a very good thing!

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