Saturday, August 28, 2010


Well, faithful followers of the Great Pickle Process in DoodleMoochie Land..Today was THE day!  You know the first blog I wrote was the beginning of The Process and I also mentioned that I was working on a quilt for 'Candy'.  Today was closure on both accounts. 
My mom came over and helped me pack and process the cute little cukes.  She wasn't discretionary at all.  She just stuck her hand in the crock, grabbed a fistful and slammed them in a jar.  No consideration at all of who they had been floating next to for the last 13 days.  No feelings for the relationships they might have formed..just crammed them in whatever jar was closest.  Well, I guess that is the way things will have to be.  It is their cucumber...ah-hem (pickle) destiny.  They now reside in 18 pints jars and 6 half-pint jars and one 4 ounce jar.  The 4 ouncer is for someone I don't really care for, who I suspect is not really going to enjoy the fruits of my labor.  It is for someone that I only feel obligated to share my pickles with...A 'necessity' if you will.  So look out.  You DO NOT want to be that person.  That person will want more and have none.
notice the 4 ouncer, right up front.... ;o)
We held out a few to eat with our sandwich at lunch...and yes, they are just THAT good.  Aunt Cleo would be proud.  I think I will take my cousin, Aunt Cleo's son, a jar of these pickles..and it will NOT be the 4 ouncer.
I also finished 'Candy's' quilt.  Actually I finished it last week.  But she teaches school in a nearby town and could not make it until today to pick it up.  She excited to have something that her Grandmother had started and we had finished for her.  Candy doesn't sew and so (sew and so..Ha) we finished it, binding and all.  Bed ready.  I am sure that her quilt will bring many generations of fond memories.  Well, now that 'Candy's' quilt is off the frame a new one is on...Look out Sue!  Yours is next..Another custom job and it is turning out beautifully.
Pictures are posted of the Great Pickle Process Production and of my mom.  I think it was safe to post the picture of her since she will never see it..she doesn't have internet.  If she does see it..I will have my brother to thank..and I WILL not thank him.
Until next time...

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