Friday, October 22, 2010

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger

Can you believe this concoction???  It is one of the things that we DID NOT try at the North Carolina State Fair...We went with the intention of eating our way through the fair and looking at the Quilt entries.  Well we did both...We hightailed it to the Giant Turkey Leg vendor first thing (We planned to get there around lunch time..because we are SOOO disciplined when it comes to a healthy diet!)...So, Giant Turkey Leg...check.  Then (because we are so health conscious) we needed to add a vegetable to that lunch...Huh, what do you know, there is a roasted corn vendor...Vegetable..check.  And that is just about where our health kick came to a screeching halt..After that we had Honey Cotton Candy, Maple Cotton Candy, Scuppernong slushie, roasted peanuts, hush puppies, chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick and hold on now....fried bacon dipped in chocolate...please. don't. judge...  After all, we did have the resistance to turn down the Kool-Aid dill pickles (evidently they are sour and sweet) and we didn't think twice about forgoing the Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburger (although we were hypnotized by it just a little, o.k. maybe a long time.  It was like a train wreck and really hard to look away). 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Doodle Here!

So, today it is doodles turn to chime in on the doodle moochie page...
Moochie & the Mayor have come to visit us in the FAIR land of Cary for a few days.  The Sheriff and I have welcomed them into our humble abode -- giving them the luxury of a blow up mattress in our living room floor (the only floor space we have that is big enough to host the fancy bed).
The most exciting thing about the visit is that we get to go to the NC state fair tomorrow!! How will we start our binge?  -- fried pecan pie, fried oreos, fried cheesy mash potatoes... -- For our main dish we will also be enjoying a savory (and GIANT) Turkey leg with some roasted corn (covered in salt and pepper and BUTTER). -- For dessert we will have some chocolate covered bacon, a caramel apple, some cotton candy, kettle corn, and maybe even a krispy kreme burger (wait? is that dessert or a meal?).

The second most exciting thing is that we get to go QUILT SHOP SHOPPING!! YAYYY!! I have no one around here who would be able to enjoy a day of fabric comparisons, pairing and criticism like the Moochie can! So glad she is here.  And whats even better? The Mayor will  be tagging along! He must truly love us!

Tonight, the Sheriff and I will be introducing Moochie and the Mayor to Venison steaks...  We think they are better than a filet of beef... but, I wouldn't be opposed to a prayer for our guests to enjoy them, too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Distracted Blogger

   Yes...that is me...Moochie, The Distracted Blogger.  Doodle called it irresponsible.  I say that is waaay too harsh, so I will call it 'Distracted'.  So I have been shamed by the Town Council into this mornings blog.  A lot has gone on since my last entry..I won't bore you with ALL of the details..but I WILL give you enough info to get you updated and maybe become more 'responsible'..I mean less 'distracted'.
   Angel Baby has passed his kidney stone and is now deep into mid-term exam studying.  Unfortunately, Angel Baby (and I think all of my children) has inherited my ability to be distracted.  He has ask me to help him stay on track by questioning his study habits, paper-writing status, and project building progress...ME?..the distracted one!!...I will do my best.  It will be difficult though, to gently nudge without seeming 'naggy'....There is a fine line (I am told).
   I have conquered a bushel of apples.  What was I thinking, buying a BUSHEL of apples???...They yelled at me all of one weekend, 'Do something with us!  You paid perfectly good money for us!  We are crowded in this bag and beginning to get bruises from being packed in here so tight.  Help! Help!  We are going soft.  Help us!'  And I could not escape those apples.  Mainly because there was one bag in the hallway, where it was plopped down (that many apples are heavy you know?) and then there was a bag on the kitchen table.  When I sat in the den to check emails, or watch t.v. or get caught up on my knitting the 'hall' apples would plead with me.  Racked with apple-guilt I would get up and go to the kitchen to do something productive...and yes, there they were...the evil siblings of the 'hall' apples...the 'kitchen' apples..The 'kitchen' apples...always jealous of the peeling of potatoes, or stirring of the gravy, frying of the chicken..jealous, JEALOUS 'kitchen' apples.  Finally it was more than I could bear so I put my behind in the car and went on the hunt for an apple peeler.  Yea, Bed Bath and Beyond...a whole display of apple peelers...a heavenly light shining down on the display.  I snatched one, drove home and VOILA!...The pantry at Town Hall now holds 17 pints of applesauce!..No more apple guilt for me!...By the way, the 4 ounce jar of pickles still sits in my pantry..just waiting...and waiting...