Sunday, June 9, 2013


This past Friday and Saturday my LQG hosted a class taught by the talented and entertaining Debby Kratovil.  On Friday she taught two different classes, one morning, one afternoon.  Saturday brought one longer class that was fabulous!
I chose not to 'participate' in this classes.  *sigh* .... Live and learn.  I had purchased yards and yards of fabric and more than one or two books and patterns for a class at my LQG last year and had to forfeit my spot due to an unfortunate family emergency.   Sadly recalling all of this when it was time to sign up for this years fun, I dutifully walked away.  *sigh* (a little louder) ....Live and learn.  But since I am an officer in the guild I felt a responsibility to be at THIS class.  So I volunteered to be there and to  be the 'gopher' (my apologies to gophers around the world).  I schlepped in machines, ironing boards, irons, food, water, food, food and more food.  I warmed things and poured things and sliced things and slopped things.  In the middle of all of this I sat in the back with my needlework and my knitting.  I listened to Debby while I knit and stitched.  I absorb the spoken work best when I my hands are busy.

So I left with a brain swimming with knowledge of positive and negative spaces

how to 'measure, mark, slice and shuffle,'

and new methods of paper piecing from her newest book 'Paper Piecing Perfect Points'.
This is Debby, she is a lovely person!
My point?... I did 'listen and learn,' but I now know that I wish I had participated in the class as a hands on student.  For that reason the blog is titled 'LIVE AND LEARN'.  Debby is a great teacher!  If she is in your area you won't want to miss an opportunity for a class with her.  She travels extensively with the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo.  Go here to her website and check out your next opportunity to meet her and have an excellent class or two!

Others enjoying the class....