Monday, February 13, 2012


This is the view into my dining
Best guard dog ever!

It is cluttered with sewing machines, rotary cutters, rulers, It holds Levi guards it and keeps me company today and tomorrow is another day! The Mayor is in the basement with his best friend working on the home stretch of the construction and I am SO EXCITED. You see, we are finishing the basement in our new house and it will be my 'Dream Come True'! (see previous post) It will be a studio for me and my quilting machine. I will have ample room to walk around! It will have shelves and a closet and a new full bath (very important, in case of a random glitter accident)! Oh, AND it will have a nook for the Mayor to have a desk and a big comfy chair so he can sit and keep me company while I quilt the hours away (or he can take a snooze). I am SO excited to be quilting for you and me again. I am just figuring out this iPad, and blogging with pictures is NOT easy. But I will try to post studio pics as soon as I can!