Friday, November 2, 2012


I feel like I have been around the world in this summer...and have finally landed at home.  I know some of you have been to Quilt Market/Festival in Houston and are trying to 'recover'.  I am only jealous in my mind.  My body is glad for a short stop to rest, re-group and even do a little quilting here in DoodleMoochieville.
I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago with my sweet friend Beth.  She and her daughter own Grand Bazaar Fabrics.  They are helping me get my new pattern 'out there' for the world to enjoy!!  You can go to their website and see all of their fabulous fabric (and order some, too).  I was privileged to be able to work the show with Beth in the absence of her daughter Jenna...And while I was there I got to see faces that I had not seen in a while and get some long overdue hugs.  One of my highlights was getting to meet an on-line friend..Maddie Kertay.  Not only did I meet and hug Maddie, but I was able to meet her two youngest sons and her husband.  You can go on over to one of her blogs and check her out at Domestic Anarchy.  Oh yeah, I sold a good many patterns this weekend too...Here is a picture of me looking DOG TIRED... because I WAS.

yaoowzers....look at that hair!
We also DROVE to Dallas on a business trip for the Mayor.  He received a 'major award' from his company and I couldn't be more proud.  We stayed a few extra days to go to the biggest state fair in the United States...the Texas State Fair.  And we ate a lot of fried food.  The oddest thing we saw, I guess, was fried beer.  Didn't try it...we were tired from the drive and from the excitement of a 'major award' and it was 9 a.m.  Our sense of adventure stopped just shy of the fried beer and just after the fried biscuit and gravy.
For now we are back in the great state of Alabama.  Looking after the Geriatric Triplets and planning our next trip.  Next month, Arizona to see the baby and his bride.  Then in December a trip to North Carolina to visit Doodle for a few days...  But for now a little quilting, a lot of working and some much needed rest.
The mayor about to indulge in fried biscuit and gravy

Big Tex..welcoming us to the fair.