Monday, July 1, 2013

My Secret is Safe!

I have been waiting for a long time to be able to write this post.  I wanted to wait until after the event so that the family would have the first chance at sharing pictures and such.  This post has been kept a secret since December 2012.  It is not about quilting, but it is about sewing.  Now my secret is safe to share with you.  I offered to make a christening gown for a special little girl, thinking that the parents would not take me up on the offer and knowing that I had a good 6 months or so to complete said gown if the offer was accepted.  I guess all of that holiday sugar had gone to my head.  What WAS I offering???  Well, lawsy mercy, they said 'YES"!  The sugar rush ended and the panic began.

I can do this.  This baby lives 7 hours away from me.  I can do this.  How will I know if the mama will like the fabric I choose?  I can do this.  The mama wants 'simple'.  I can't find a 'simple' christening gown pattern.  I can do this.  What size will the sweetie be when the big day arrives?  I can do this.  I haven't sewn heirloom style in years.  I CAN DO THIS!!  For crying out loud, just do it.  So I marched myself down to the fabric store and bought a pattern, silk batiste, entreduex, beading, thread and lace.  And guess what?  I DID THIS!!

And so it began.  Pattern cut out and pleats finished.

 Pleats, lace, entreduex and embroidery.

Packed ever so carefully for the journey.  But will it fit?
YES!  It fits and the sweet family is happy with the whole thing!
Notice how her hands are positioned for prayer?

It was a wonderful day making sweet, tender memories.  And I thank this special family for allowing me to participate in such a personal way!  I will forever love and pray for this little one.