Thursday, March 17, 2011

QUILTED OFFICIALLY PIZAZZED! promised in the last blog, I am including pictures of the ugly, mystery quilt that I decided to add a little pizazz.  I like it slightly better than I did before the pizazz process (which means that I actually like it now..kind of).  Maybe it will grow on me.  There are people who live in DoodleMoochieville that were not in favor of the said pizazzing process and made themselves heard.  "Please don't 'bedazzle' it!! was the cry of the village.  Yet when it came time...I just couldn't help myself...but I did try to control myself.  I would have added more, had I had more.

So here are the after pictures...tell me what you think.  The applique was added after the quilting...YES...AFTER the quilting.  Which meant I had to be ever so careful to just catch the top and batting, NOT going through to the backing.  I love this look...but Lordy, it is time consuming.  Remember to tell me what you think!  Thanks!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TUT TUT, LOOKS LIKE RAIN....(Winnie the Pooh)

It is SERIOUSLY raining in DoodleMoochieville!!  I will not quilt on my Gammill when the weather is bad..I won't risk the possibility of a power outage/surge.  Now before you roll your eyes wondering when I will come into this century and realize there are appliances like surge protectors and battery back ups, let me explain.  I know there are things made to protect my work...I also KNOW that computers are FICKLE...and this machine is run by one computer telling the second what to do and the second is telling the first what to do.  On more than one occasion they have argued with each other and all has been lost.  In that case it was 'Thank goodness for the pencil' .. The good ol' reliable pencil.  The one that wrote down all of the coordinates of this quilt before it began to stitch.  But then comes the re-alignment of the fabric, trying to trick the machine into thinking it is at one point in progress when really it is at another...Hard as stone to trick a computer..I have done it several times...but it is HARD, I tell you!
So today, I will take this opportunity to leave the plug of the Gammill on the floor and go upstairs at Town Hall and sew on my little, inexpensive, workhorse Brother sewing machine.  I have had it for years and I bought it at Wally World for less than a tank of gas costs.  If the lightning gets it, I will put on my waders and row over to the store and buy a new one.  I will work on a non-client project ( of my own...don't tell).  

This is a mystery quilt that we did at the local guild
I am not satisfied with the finished project (even though I did find a throw at HomeGoods during the holidays that exactly matched my ugly color combo!) and am about to add some pizazz to it...this is the before picture...soon to come (depending on the length of the storm) an after picture...

Happy Rainy Day Sewing! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not A Fan!

Let me begin this blog entry by shouting.... I AM NOT A FAN!!!  There are many different opinions in the quaint village of DoodleMoochieville...a couple of Auburn fans, a Samford fan, a soon to be Arizona fan and even a Tennessee fan.  But there is no place in DoodleMoochieville for an Alabama fan.  There I said it.  But I have a friend who has visited DoodleMoochieville (whether she knows it or not) and she and her family are like many others in the great big world outside the village...they are...Alabama fans...and I can say,  in their defense that they are die hard.  Win or Lose, they love all things that come out of, are associated with, or have even just flown over the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

So tonight I post pictures of a quilt that was designed and pieced by one of my favorite clients, Pam D.  She has done an outstanding job on this quilt, I have custom quilted it for her and she is giving it to her son.  Her SON!  To drag off to college and do who knows what with it...She must really love that son.  I have gently suggested to her that she keep this quilt and hang it in her house as a testament to the family's love of all things Alabama...And after she saw how beautiful it was, I think she was actually considering it..  I mean, a BOY, leaving home for the FIRST time, to live in a STINKY boy dorm???  Seriously?  Make him a rag quilt.  Leave this to him in your will.