Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Long Time Coming

It has been quite a while since my last post...like months...SORRY!  I have many reasons...that include two of our laptops going on the fritz and eventually being sent back to the factory.  Fortunately, we had Square Trade warranties on both.  So then comes the wrenching question of what to replace the old net books with???  An I-Pad?  Another net book?  An then the investigation of the capabilities and limitations for our applications of the different choices of computers offered....GOOD GRIEF...It was just too much!!  So the Mayor and I have not done a thing about it.  The Mayor is schlepping his old laptop dinosaur and I have to haul my sorry behind UP the stairs to the sewing room to do the internet thing.  And do you KNOW WHAT???...(no, not Chicken Butt).  When I get up those stairs and into my sewing room ALL I want to do is sew!!  After all, I have plenty of projects (at tons of various stages) to choose from.  So I end up checking Face Book, checking e-mail, reading my two favorite blogs and ... if I am lucky, do a little shopping...shhh....don't tell the Mayor.

In the middle of all this...since the last post, were a few little events known as Thanksgiving, Christmas, a stomach virus that led to the all out FLU!!  My baby getting engaged (yea! for more girls in the family!), out of town company (three times), trips out of town (three times)...to go along with all the daily stuff that happens.  Ain't life GRAND!...  I don't say this facetious...I say it most SINCERELY!  Being sick makes me thankful for feeling human again.  An engagement makes me look back and forward at the same time.  Company makes me thankful for friends and family and a home provided by the Mayor that is welcoming for all.  Trips out of town to laugh and relax just get me energized for more of the above.  So expect better blogs and more pictures in the future!  In the meanwhile, check out my favorite links and have a GRAND day!