Sunday, December 8, 2013


I am so relieved to be able to relax and enjoy the Christmas season now.  I have finished the last custom quilt for the year.  It is the one below.  A PineBurr quilt pieced by Ginger.  Did you know that the PineBurr quilt is the 'state quilt' of Alabama?  Who knew?  Does every state have a 'state quilt'?  I have to say that the piecing is really well done and the fabrics are beautiful.  It is always a breath of fresh air to quilt one like this!!  
Tomorrow I will go to the airport and pick up the Doodle part of 'DoodleMoochie'.  I am so excited to be finished with 'work' for the year and be able to now concentrate on family and Christmas.  Thanks to all of my clients for a great year!
And now, enjoy the pics.  Front and back.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

6 Months in a Day

Here is what I have been up to for the last six months....
The wedding of a dear, sweet friend.

Revisited places from my childhood on a trip to the Midwest.

Spent time laughing and making memories with family.

And I quilted a little too!

More quilting....

Took a trip to see my babies in Arizona...

More quilting...

My little girl....

Canned applesauce...YUMMY!

More quilting...

More quilting...

More quilting...

Back of the above quilt.

Another sweet which I gained a new daughter
AND a granddaughter!! 

Deep cleaned my studio.
Made a wedding cake.

More quilting.

More quilting.

Attended the opening of 'Spool', a great, new quilt shop in
Chattanooga, Tennessee.

again...should I say it?
More quilting.

Organized my studio...

More fun with family!

A trip or two with the Mayor.

Whew!  That brings us to December.
I am tired!
So that gets us all up to date, no?  You know sometimes I love to read a good, long blog post about something meaningful or thought provoking and some days I just like to 'look at the pictures'.  I hope you were able to enjoy my last six months as much as I have.  Now it is time for the holidays.  Bring on the cookies and egg nog.  Well, maybe just the cookies.