Monday, June 16, 2014

MeMaw and the Pincle Fit For Nothing

'I have started Ronnie a quilt     Got 4 squares and it will take 20     it takes a long time to make a star     thay call it the waggon wheel quilt    I have never made one like it Before an I wont never make another one like it no more    
I Hope to get it to Him By may' 

I was helping my mom go through some of her paperwork the other day. Sorting out things that needed to be saved and (tons of) things that needed to be thrown away or destroyed.  Among all of this clutter and chaos we found many gems and had a nice long walk down Memory Lane.  She held up an envelope and announced 'This is the last letter my mother wrote to me before she died'.  She read it silently and then handed it over to me.  I tried to read it but had a hard time deciphering my Memaw's handwriting.  I'm not sure my Memaw ever went past elementary school, or even what grade she completed in elementary school.  I handed it back to my mom and she read it aloud.  Knowing that it was the last letter that she had written and finding out that it was (partially) about quilting I immediately asked my mom if I could have the letter.  Of course, she said 'yes'.  I will have it framed and hang it above her treadle Singer sewing machine that I just acquired...

The rest of the story..... She didn't get to finish that quilt for Ronnie (my brother).  My mom was able to find all of the fabric and such when she went to the funeral and a friend finished it for her (for him).  It lays across the foot of one of his guest room beds (and I want to put it in my suitcase every time I visit him).

The last line of the letter reads: 
I am going to bed    this old pincle (pencil) aint fit for nothing   Love to All     Mom

I sure do miss my Memaw......