Friday, February 13, 2015


 I have just completed my Aeroplane Bag by Sara Lawson.  I think that I am going to love it, as it is just small enough not to be cumbersome and just large enough to carry a change of clothes, makeup and toiletries and medicine for one night.  It would also fit under the seat in an airplane and most definitely in the overhead bin.  Hence the name Aeroplane Bag (I'm just guessing here about the origin of the name).  At any rate I think it will prove to be one of my favorite travel bags for car, train or plane.  

Here it is in various states of construction.  It took me a couple of hours to cut out and the better part of a day to sew it together, but I am NOT a bag or garment sewer.  You must follow the instructions step by step and don't try to reason with them.... Just do what the instructions say.  The only real frustrating part for me was the top (outer) zipper.  The instructions were a little vague there, but I managed.  It is not the prettiest zipper installation I have ever done and on close inspection you would totally know that this is a 'home did' bag.  I also quilted the outer/upper sides of the bag in a grid before construction for extra strength.  I am planning on using this bag a lot.  So if you do quilt this area of your bag make sure you enlarge it just slightly (maybe a half inch or so) to allow for shrinkage caused from the quilting process.
The inside (sides of the bag).  Each with a zippered pocket!
The outside upper/lower/bottom of the bag and straps.

Turning the bag is so exciting!

Inside of the bag
Ta-Da!  The finished bag.

The only thing that I would change on the next one would be to add an outer pocket between the two straps.  If you really wanted to be fancy you could embroider a monogram on the bag or pocket (should you decide to add an outer pocket).
The real test is hauling it from Alabama to Texas.  Did I mention that I am off to  QuiltCon in a few days?  Surely I did!

You can find the pattern for this bag by clicking here.

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